"Every time there is a challenge, there is a possibility of paradigm shift to the greater purposes to increase the technology of our country."

Carlos Hilgert

Green Energy
Biomass Power Generation Systems, which convert solar energy stored in a living body through photosynthesis into electricity.

About Us

Hiltec Indústrias Metal Mecânica Eireli was founded on 11/5/2003 by Mr. Carlos Hilgert with the purpose of working in the metal mechanic field, offering precision parts machining services.

In order to serve customers and operate in the increasingly demanding market, Hiltec has developed and maintains its quality management system suited to the demanding requirements of the NBR ISO 9001 Standard, investing in the people who make up its team and in equipment
with technology suited to the challenges.

Thus, through its quality management system guided by the quality policy and its objectives, Hiltec aims at its growth, based on the quality of its services provided through the development of its team, and in meeting the satisfaction of its customers.

Currently, Hiltec has its Industrial Automation division where it develops projects and assemblies of robotic operations, increasing the financial results and safety of the industries. Solutions for digitization, industry 4.0, integrating Internet of Things – IoT and Artificial Intelligence – AI.

In line with global initiatives for sustainable development and environmental protection, Hiltec develops energy generation equipment that uses fuels from renewable sources, mainly biomass.

At Hiltec, studies and projects are not limited to theory, they are present in practice in our Living Laboratories.

Product Development

Product Development

Industrial automation services are the applications of state-of-the-art techniques, software and equipment, which are used to optimize industrial processes.

This type of work reduces the consumption of raw materials and also requires minimal human intervention, which reduces the possibility of errors and accidents.​

Green Energy

Biomass Power Generation Systems, which convert solar energy stored in a living body through photosynthesis into electricity.

In line with global sustainability and environmental protection initiatives, our products are designed to use fuels from renewable sources, such as: ethanol, green gas and hydrogen.



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Somos uma empresa ecologicamente correta

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Outras Competências

  • Engenharia
  • Usinagem CNC
  • Desenvolvimento de produtos
  • Desenvolvimento de processos de fabricação
  • Nacionalização de peças
  • Fabricações especiais sob demanda
  • Projeto e Modelagem de peças 3D
  • Desenvolvimento de protótipos

"We seek excellence in our products and services, through the commitment of the entire team to carry out and continuously improve processes and products for customer satisfaction and the growth of the organization. "


A Little Of What We Do...

Supply Scope

Production and commercialization of precision machined parts.


Quality Policy

Hiltec, in the pursuit of excellence in its machining products and services, considering other stakeholders, is committed to continuously improve the effectiveness of the quality management system and our processes. We provide products with quality, consistently seek to meet applicable requirements, preserve the environment, and ensure total customer satisfaction.




  • Av. Arno da Silva Feijó, 2205 - Building 2 Alvorada - RS - Brazil
    Zip code 94836-260
  • +55 51 3497-7869
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